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give indie emo a chance!

so there's this guy i know, his name is mikey mcclenathan, and he's been working on this album for a really long time (like, a couple of years) and now it's finally done. it's called they're more afraid of you than you are of them. give it a shot. my personal favourites are "triple deke" and "new york city." "viking's funeral" rocks a whole lot, too.

seriously guys (all three of you who read this other than jamie and myself), if you have any love for music, then help it grow. give the underdog a shot. this guy has done pretty much everything by himself, and that's commendable.

you can go here for the .zip file, individual mp3's, and the liner notes. it's all free. visit his site and leave lots of comments. be a music lover and spread the word.



Blogger mikey said...

thanks jen. that's real nice of you.

25/8/06 10:38  

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